Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding cakes and a Baltimore grooms cake

Sorry for the lack in posting, but we have been pretty busy around here with cakes and other
event. I just wanted to stop by and share some recent cakes that we had done. The first up was
for a my bride Nikki who wanted a small wedding cake for cutting, and an awesome Baltimore
themed grooms cake for her man. The wedding cake itself was very simple and elegant with a
fresh flower topper.

For the grooms cake we went all out. The bride said that she wanted a cake to represent
Baltimore and the Ravens but also include her groom’s Filipino background. So of course
when everyone thinks of Baltimore they think of crabs. So to incorporate everything the bride
wanted we decided to make a crab basket set on top of edible newspaper with Ravens headlines.
(Since you always throw down some newspaper to eat your crabs). We also added an Old Bay
container, a crab mallet with the Filipino flag on it and their wedding date, a bottle of Miller Lite
and a shot glass for good measure.
I love the way this cake turned out and some of the guest couldn't believe it was a cake.
Everything on the cake was edible from the edible newspaper to the sugar beer bottle that we
made. I think the "Old Bay" we added to the crabs really made them come to life.

To finish out the weekend we made a country themed wedding cake. I love it when a bride steps
out of the box and lets us create a really fun wedding cake. The cake fit nicely into the venue and
the decor the bride had selected for her big day!
I absolutely loved the bride’s choice for her head table. It was so rustic but elegant at the same
time, and it fit the theme perfectly. 
This cake was so much fun to make. I hope I get to do more themed wedding cakes in the future.
So that's all I have for you guys for now! I do have some really big news I want to share, but I
have to hold off until I know it will be official. Thanks for stopping by!

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