Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little Southern Gentleman Shower Part 2

Ok so ready to get this party underway? If you missed part 1 you can check it out here. First up surprising Mom and Dad! Owen was so excited to surprise them with this party!
Isn't he the cutest! He will be a wonderful big brother!

    Time to make some bow ties! For the bow tie station I pre-cut all of the fabric needed to make the bow ties and then had step by step instructions on how to put it together. The best part was these were no sew bow ties so they were super simple to make but still ended up looking really cute.
Nicely done!
The onesie making station was a huge hit! I bought the stencils and paintbrushes for the onesies at Michael's and the fabric paint in the craft section at Walmart. I printed simple instructions for everyone to follow on how to make the onesies. The stencils are technically reusable if you wash them off and let them dry.
Everyone loved expressing their creative side and coming up with a cute design for Finn!
Look at all those fabulous designs Finn has to choose from and they were all made with love!
Time to open gifts!

 Time for desserts!

Ha ha the mustache cake pops crack me up!

Family excited to welcome baby number 2!

Hope you enjoyed this Little Southern Gentleman shower. If you are interested in throwing your own Little Man party please check out my Pinterest board for lots of great ideas and tutorials. I sure had a blast putting it together for my brother and sister-in-law. Can't wait to see little Finn grow into a little person and see his personality develop. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Southern Gentleman Shower

I am so excited to share this Little Southern Gentleman baby shower with all of you because it is in celebration of my new nephew Finnegan James! We chose Little Southern Gentleman because Daddy to be loves lots of things about the South including the southern charm. So what better way to welcome this new little one into the family then with a little southern charm. We focused mostly on bow ties and mustaches to tie into the theme. I will break this party into two parts since I have so many great pictures to share. First up the details of the party.
 As guest entered a strict dress code was enforced to make sure they were looking their best!
Guest were also encouraged to sign a book for Finnegan so that he may have it as a keepsake later.


Instead of normal baby shower games I decided on activities where everyone could participate. I had two stations set-up that included a bow tie making station and a onesie making station. 
Guests could decide on a stencil or free hand a design onto a onesie that Finn could wear later.

Guests could make their own no sew bow ties to keep or to give to Finn.

After finishing a onesie they were hung for display on a clothesline. 
For favors guests took home little onesie and mustache cookies!

For drinks we decided to serve Lemonade and Sweet Tea to tie in with our Southern theme. 
I love the way the mason jars turned out!

The food included all things southern and it was a big hit!

My mom made the baby carriage fruit bowl and I think it looked so cute on the table! I love anything that will tie a party together!
Doesn't all that food look delicious!
For desserts I chose to make three smaller cakes with different toppers and then desserts that were Southern in theme. The desserts included mustache cake pops, mini apple pies on a stick, chocolate and strawberry mousse shooters, and chocolate chip cookies with a shot of milk. I must say I am really happy with the way the desserts turned out! Usually the desserts are my only focus but since I was putting together this whole party I had to downscale the dessert table a bit but I am still happy with how it looked!


The mustache cake pops were a huge hit!

Lastly, to include the big brother to be in the festivities I made him this shirt that says "If you mustache I am the big brother". This is the best picture I could get of him wearing it (I told him to put his hands up so I could read the shirt) but I think he really liked it and I know he had a blast at the party!
Here is a sneak peak of the parties festivities to come. Isn't he the cutest? He will be the best big brother ever!
Stay tuned for the next post were I will share the big surprise as Mommy and Daddy show up and the party in full swing!
All of the signage was done by me with the exception of a few free pieces I got from Catch my Party. I basically used their signage as the jumping off point and then added my own signage pieces to their already wonderful collection. All other decor and desserts we done by us Sweet Eats Cakes.  If you are interested in throwing your own Little Man party please check out my Pinterest board for lots of great ideas and tutorials.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How to make a 3-D Edible Teddy Bear

 Many of you probably know that I do a guest post every month for Spaceships and Laser beams where I plan a party and then make a tutorial on how to make one item for a dessert table or cake. I want to share those tutorials here on this blog as well in case you you miss them over there. So last month was all about baby showers (hint this month will be too since my sister-in-law is due in just a few weeks) and how to make a teddy bear topper for cakes or cupcakes. Hope you enjoy!
 So lately I have had a lot of baby shower cakes I have been asked to do. (Must be something in the water around here). So with that in mind I have designed a Teddy Bear Baby Shower for you guys.
For this bear you will need gray, white, and blue fondant (or any colors that match your parties theme). You will want to start with a rectangular shape for the body and a round ball for the head of the bear.
Attach the head to the body with some water. You may want to place a small down through the body and into the head for support.  Then make two matching logs for the legs and attach with more water. (Note you do not need a lot of water just enough to wet the surface of what you are trying to attach).

Now make two small matching half moon shapes for ears and attach to the head.
Lastly, make two matching logs slightly larger than you made the legs and attach as the arms of the bear. Now you have the basic body of the bear and are ready to add the details to make him pop.
The next step is to take a small oval or white fondant and attach to the head to make the muzzle. On top of that attach a smaller blue oval and imprint to small holes for the bears nostrils. I also added a patch detail and stitching to the bear’s body at this point to make it look more like a teddy bear. This step is optional depending on the look you want.
The next step is to take blue fondant and add small paw pads to the bears hands and feet. I again added stitching to the pads to match the rest of the bear.
 I then went in with black edible food paint and highlighted the stitching marks on the bear’s pads, and his patch. I also added the blacks of his eyes above his muzzle.
 The last and very important step is to add a dot of white to the black of the bear’s eyes. This will make the bear’s eyes pop and look more realistic.

 Now that you have completed your adorable bear you can add him to the top of your cake. If you want to tie in the baby theme more try adding a pacifier to the bear’s mouth or have him holding a baby blanket.
So there you have an adorable baby bear that will make a great topper for any cake. If you are feeling ambitious you can make several small bears to top the cupcakes as well. I really hoped you enjoyed this tutorial and will be able to use it in a future party of your own.
Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for many more great ideas.
Hope you guys liked it! If you have a party in mind that you would like some help or ideas for please sot me an email or leave me a comment with your suggestions!