Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Recent Wedding Cakes

Since wedding season is officially upon us I thought I would share some of our more recent cakes. First, up was an all buttercream cake with royal icing piping. The bride wanted the cake to have a lot of over piping and detail. This is not traditionally our style but I think this cake looked beautiful, classic and elegant.
Here is a close-up of all that piping which took hours of work.
The bride also ordered a surprise grooms cake for her hubby. I love when a bride does this but it always makes it tricky for me not to accident;y ruin the surprise. So far I have not spilled the beans early, and have not run into any grooms while delivering surprise cakes.
The boat was purchased with the couples honeymoon money so the boat was named "the honeymoon" in Italian. So cute! 

The next cake was a cake we made for Cake Central magazine. It was featured in Volume 4 issue 4. The theme was ombre and the inspiration picture included a bride with yellow orchids and yellow and green striped hair. I went with a square cake because the inspiration picture was very modern. I wanted to display ombre is a different way so I came up with this modern design and added the orchids to include the inspiration photo. 

The next cake made in collaboration with a local invitation vendor friend that wanted to pair his invitations with a matching cake. The invitation we selected were a very pale pink and ivory with hints of brown. When I looked at the invitations I thought it would be easy to come up with a matching cake but, after changing my design several times I finally came up with something I was happy with and matched the invitations to a tee. 

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into some of the things we have been working on lately. We have lots of great things to come this year so stay tuned for more great tutorials, birthday bashes and real weddings.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Capital Area Cake Show 2013 Wedding Cakes

So as you guys know I went to the Capital Area Cake Show last weekend and took some photos to share! So up today are the wedding cakes! The theme this year was art deco which, I personally think is a bit of a harder challenge. Art deco is such a specific look and I tend to think it looks more masculine so it can be difficult to get a nice balance. So here are this years art deco inspired cakes (I did not edit any of these photos so if some appear crooked its my picture taking abilities not the cakes themselves). Enjoy!
I love the soft colors and contrast of this cake.

Art deco at its finest!

I will say I don't know who won but this cake would be my choice. It so pretty although it doesn't scream art deco to me I still think it is a beautiful cake.
Such detail!

I love the texture and contrast of this next cake. This cake artist was really thinking out of the box and this cake is a beautiful work of art.

This cake is so much fun with its pops of color. Typically you don't see that much color in an art deco cake but I love it!
As I said before I am not sure who won but I think all of the cakes turned out beautifully. Art deco can be hard to incorporate into a cake and I think these artists did a fantastic job. I hope that next years theme is a bit more fun. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse at the Capital Area Cake Show. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Capital Area Cake Show 2013 Divisional Cakes

Every year I try to make it to the two cake shows that are relatively close to my area. I love to go and see all the talent that Maryland and Virginia has to offer. Most of the time I don't have the time to enter a cake but that's ok because I enjoy seeing other peoples talent. This year the show did not disappoint. I snapped some pictures of some of the divisional cakes that caught my eye and of course I will cover the wedding cake division in a separate post. i hope you enjoy seeing some of the cakes from the show if you could not make it to the show yourself. Lots of talented people around Md, D.C., and Va. Hope you enjoy!
The first category I stopped by was the Intermediate 5th Anniversary cakes (the special theme this year). I cannot believe these people are only at the intermediate level. The competition gets better every year. 

Sculpted Masters
 I know these categories are completely out of order but it was just how I walked through the show.

Novelty Tiered Masters
Love the fun pops of color on this one!

Advanced- Semi Pro 5th Anniversary Cakes

This cake was so detailed that it deserved two pictures! Amazing!

Professional Sugar Showpiece
Two sided sugar showpiece equals awesome!

Semi-pro Novelty Tiered.
This cake looked so realistic I thought it would come off the pot. The photo does not do this one justice.

Professional Sculpted

Professional Special Occasion

Advanced Sculpted

Intermediate Novelty Tiered
Very cool steam punk carolsal

Beginner Special Occasion and Novelty
Ok, so I don;t know what you think but to me this person is by no means a beginner. I mean don't get me wrong they may have just started decorating but their talent is up there with the pros.

Beginner Cupcakes
Such a cute idea for cupcakes!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak at what the Capital Area Cake Show had to offer. Some very talented people in this show. Stay tuned for the spectacular wedding cakes!