Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Capital Area Cake Show 2013 Wedding Cakes

So as you guys know I went to the Capital Area Cake Show last weekend and took some photos to share! So up today are the wedding cakes! The theme this year was art deco which, I personally think is a bit of a harder challenge. Art deco is such a specific look and I tend to think it looks more masculine so it can be difficult to get a nice balance. So here are this years art deco inspired cakes (I did not edit any of these photos so if some appear crooked its my picture taking abilities not the cakes themselves). Enjoy!
I love the soft colors and contrast of this cake.

Art deco at its finest!

I will say I don't know who won but this cake would be my choice. It so pretty although it doesn't scream art deco to me I still think it is a beautiful cake.
Such detail!

I love the texture and contrast of this next cake. This cake artist was really thinking out of the box and this cake is a beautiful work of art.

This cake is so much fun with its pops of color. Typically you don't see that much color in an art deco cake but I love it!
As I said before I am not sure who won but I think all of the cakes turned out beautifully. Art deco can be hard to incorporate into a cake and I think these artists did a fantastic job. I hope that next years theme is a bit more fun. Hope you enjoyed this glimpse at the Capital Area Cake Show. 

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