Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Hey guys just wanted to share the Easter desserts I made this year! If you haven't already seen the tutorial I posted on how to make the bunny butt cake then go check it out! I also made coconut bunny tails from the left over cake scraps. Lastly, I made rainbow Easter cookies because right now my nephew is really into rainbows. It always makes you feel happy when a two year old walks in and say "Ooh RAINBOW cookies".

I was really happy with how the cookies turned out and I loved all the bright colors.

Here is my nephew Owen showing me how to rake the carpet.

He is currently the only child on this side of the family so he doesn't have much competition for Easter egg hunts. That will soon change however, when his little brother arrives in August. I'm sure next year will be an all out race for the eggs.

Here is our attempt at a picture with Owen.
Attempt number two is better than one but still no smile. Oh well better then last years picture where he is clearly scowling at the camera.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families! Check back soon because we have another bog giveaway coming up that we participatin in and you won't want to miss out!

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