Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Bunny Butt Tutorial

Every year for Easter my family has to have a coconut cake. I don't know what it is about spring but, it always makes me want to eat a good coconut cake! Yum! So this year I wanted to make the traditional coconut cake with an Easter twist. This cake is super quick and easy to make so I made this tutorial so hopefully you cake make this cute cake for your family. 

First, you want to start with a half ball cake that is filled and crumb coated. If you don't know how to achieve a half ball please check out my elephant tutorial where I explain how it is carved.

While the cake is firming up you will need to make a cake ball for the bunny's tail. After forming the cake balls pop them in the freezer for a few minutes to let them firm up a bit.

After the cake pops are firm dip your stick into the melted chocolate and then directly into the cake pop. 

Then immediately dip the cake pop into the melted chocolate. 

Let some up the excess chocolate drip off before moving to the next step.
Next roll your still wet cake pop in shredded coconut. I used Baker's angel flake coconut that comes in the bag but, you can use whatever type you choose. I also, put my coconut in the food processor in order to make the coconut flakes finer.

Here are two little bunny tails! 
(Making bunny tails is also a cute idea for the left over cake scraps.)

After you have made the bunny tails ice you cake in a thick layer of buttercream and then cover in the remaining coconut flakes. Make sure to press the coconut into the cake so that it sticks.
After you have finished covering the cake set it aside so you can work on the feet. I made the feet from fondant and then let them dry a bit while I worked on the cake board. Make sure you don't make the feet to flat. 

Cover the board in a thin layer of green buttercream.

Then place you cake on the board and add a thick layer of green buttercream around the base. Don't worry if it is messy because it will be covered by dirt (ground Oreos).

Add the feet to the cake using dowels and, buttercream to hold them in place. Ground Oreos in a food processor and, then add the "dirt" to the perimeter of the cake. Press the "dirt" into the buttercream to ensure that it sticks to the board and cake. 

Continue to add the "dirt" to the cake border until it is completely covered and you are happy with the results. You can always go back later and add more dirt to cover up any imperfections.

Next, add a buttercream grass border to finish of the edge of the cake board. Finally don't forget to add your bunny tail to complete your cake. Be careful when pushing you bunny tail into the cake so that you don't break it.

So there you have it a simple cute Easter cake that your guests will love. If you have any questions please let me know. I will post my full Easter dessert spread a little later.
Happy Easter!


Catherine Holt said...

This is an awesome cake, I love it! Such a clever idea, and I love how it is easy to make. One of the cutest Easter bunny cakes!!!

Anonymous said...

I havent used fondant before how did you make the feet? Thanks!

Samantha @ Food Fitness Family Friends said...

I made the feet using a lump of fondant. Then I rolled out the fondant pretty thick and then cut two feet out. I then attached the feet cut outs to the lumps to make the feet more substantial. I hope tha makes sense. Thanks!