Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Cakes of 2011

It's that time of year when I count down my top favorite cakes from 2011. So without further ado here we go...

I love this modern wedding cake with its clean lines and, simple design. I love how the colors contrast each other, and the pink gives a nice pop of color.  

This cake was done for a pool party 70th birthday! The cake matched the theme nicely, and I loved the effect the sugar tiles gave to the cake!

This cake may be simple, but for some reason I absolutely love its clean lines, and modern appeal. The flowers give it just the right amount of color to make this a statement cake. 

This bride requested that her cake appear in the countdown (j/k). I love the way this cake turned out, and it mixed of both the brides and the grooms taste. The piped swirl pattern with the flowers made this cake elegant, and traditional while the separator tiers gave it a modern twist.

I made this cake to try out a new technique that I liked, and it has turned out to be a favorite among many of my brides. I love the way the tufted billow technique adds a softness to the design. I think this cake turned out to be stunning and unique.
Stay tuned this week as I count down my top five favorite cakes of this year!

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