Monday, February 6, 2012

Hot Pink/ Leopard Print 21st Birthday

Linda contacted us to help design a special cake for her daughter Amanda's 21st birthday celebration. For the design we worked with Amanda's favorite color hot pink, and her favorite animal print leopard, and accented it with black.

 For the topper we added a black 21!
Amanda loved her cake, and even had her nails painted to match it! Happy Birthday Amanda! Hope it was a memorable one! 


Janice said...

I should not look at your blog right before lunch.... my cheesesteak doesn't look nearly as good

Kristen said...

And I shouldn't look at it after lunch...I want dessert. :)

sweeteatscakes said...

lol Thanks ladies!

Canterbury Cakes said...

This is such a cool cake!!! So funny that she had her nails painted to match.