Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brielle's Pretty and Pink First Birthday

I am so excited to share this pretty pink first birthday dessert table we did for Brielle's first birthday. I usually get to do a lot of boy birthdays so it was fun to make everything pink and girly for a change. The theme was cupcakes and the colors were pink and purple so we made everything super pink and girly. For the dessert table I made chocolate cupcakes, strawberry push pop shooters complete with tutus, strawberry milks with cookies, and rice cereal treats in the shape of cupcakes. We also made the backdrop for the desserts table and all the little tutus for the push pops. I love the way the display turned out and hope I get to make more girl themed dessert tables in the future.

Close-up of the little tutus we made for the push pops!

Baby girl getting a sneak peak at the table.

She was intrigued by the cake but was unsure what to do with it.
She ended up just picking off and eating the sprinkles instead of smashing it.

Happy 1st Birthday Brielle! i hope we get to be a part of many many more!

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JANICE said...

I'll give you some girl birthdays to do dessert tables for!