Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

With Mother's Day quickly approaching I wanted to share this super sweet and easy cupcake bouquet tutorial that any mother would love! 
So first up you will need the following items to make your cupcake bouquets. 
  • Terracotta pot
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Toothpicks
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Icing in different colors
  • Piping tips Wilton 2D, Bakery Crafts 68, Wilton 32, Wilton 352
  1. Start by having child(ren) paint a fun design on the pot for their mother. After the pot has dried seal pot with clear acrylic sealer.
  2. After the pot is completely dry insert Styrofoam ball into pot. You want about half the ball to stick out of the pot so you may attach the cupcake flowers.
  3. Ice the cupcakes to look like flowers using assorted tips.
  4. After cupcakes are iced apply cupcakes to Styrofoam ball using toothpicks. You may need to use more than one toothpick per cupcakes. Try to get the cupcakes as close as possible to avoid to many large gaps. 
  5. Use the Wilton 352 leaf tip to fill in any holes between cupcakes and present to Mom!
  6. After the cupcakes are consumed Mom can use the pot for planting her favorite flower (that you also bought her for the occasion)!

  7.  He has no idea what is happening to him!
     My little helper loves to bake!

How to Ice Cupcakes
  • Rose
Start with a piping bag filled with icing color of your choice and the Wilton 2D tip. Start with the tip in the center of the cupcake and apply pressure. Swirl the design outward to complete the rose. 

  • Mum
Start with piping bag filled with icing color of your choice and Bakery craft tip 68. Place tip on the outer edge of the cupcake and apple pressure and pull away to make a petal. Continue around the cupcake to complete one row. Once first row is complete pipe next row directly on top until the entire cupcake is covered in petals. 

  • Ball Flower
Start with piping bag filled with icing color of your choice and Wilton tip 32. Place tip on outer edge of cupcake and apply pressure to make a small dot of icing. Continue applying dots around cupcake until entire cupcake is covered. 

Have fun with this project! If  you do not have certain tips or piping bags don't worry cupcakes do not have to look exactly like a certain flower to look nice.

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