Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Little Monster First Birthday

 So I have been meaning to share this birthday party with everyone for a long time. This is my nephew Finn's first birthday. The theme was Little Monster because if you know Finn then you know that theme kind of fits him well. 

So for decor I made some simple decorations to tie in the theme. 

The dessert table featured Finn's little monster cake and build your own monster cupcakes.

All of the cupcakes had "fur" already on them and then the kids got to pick and choose their horns, eyes, teeth, and arms which were all made of chocolate.

The cake itself featured four different monster all causing mischief of some sort.

Since I had made Owen his own name plate for his second birthday I had to make Finn one as well. If you would like instructions on how to make your own name plate check out my tutorial

The kids had a blast making their own monsters.

And of course Finn had a blast smashing his cake. 

 My awesome friend Janice made little felt monsters for all of the kids to adopt at the end of the party. They were a hit with all of the kids. 

The birthday boy and I. Ha ha love his face in this photo!

I though this was a fun theme for a first birthday! Hope you enjoyed it. I will try to post more this coming year. We have a lot more going on now with the opening of the shop so I should have lots of parties to share with you. 

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