Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, by now, everyone has probably heard of the cherpumple (cherry pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie baked inside cakes, and stacked on top of each other). So, this year for Thanksgiving, I decided to try my hand at this new classic. Okay, well actually, I cheated and decided only to do a spice cake with an apple pie baked in it. So, I guess I will call mine pake or pie cake since it is not a true cherpumple.

I started with mixing up my spice cake like I normally would. Then after greasing the pan, I poured some of the cake into the pan (enough to cover the bottom). Then, I took an already-baked pie out of its tin and placed it in the cake pan. (I cheated again here, since I bought the pie instead of baking it myself... oh well.) Then, I proceeded to pour the rest of the batter in over the pie. Now, I typically over fill the cake pan in order to cover the pie, I bake the cake on a cookie sheet, in case of any spillage.  
Then, I slide my "pake" into the over at 350 for a little over an hour. I know my oven at home takes forever, but just bake it until your fork comes out clean. As you can see, I did have some cake spill over, but that's okay because it just spilled on the cookies sheet.
After the cake has cooled, I iced it and served it. I prefer to serve the cake a little warm, so you might want to warm it in the microwave before eating! ENJOY!

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