Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oldie, but Goodies

So, I thought that I would share some of my older cakes with all of you to enjoy!

First up, we have a cake that I made for a retirement party. I was given free-range for the design, so I went with something that I thought was modern, yet still feminine. I love the bows on this cake and the color combination. 

Next, we have a cake that I made for my cousin's baby shower. The colors were a light green and brown which were pulled from the crib bedding. I made a stork holding a baby bundle for the topper and two stuffed bears to sit on the side of the tiers.

Next up, another baby shower cake with animal figures to match the crib bedding. I really like how the figures turned out on this cake, they looked exactly like animals on the bedding.

Lastly, we made a cake for a surprise 40th birthday party. The guy's wife wanted the cake to look like his boat, since he loves boating. I think that we matched the boat exactly, and we used a fishing pole line to write "Happy Birthday" in the water. Enjoy!

 I would love to hear which one you like best!

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Amanda said...

I love the first and third cake! All of them are gorgeous but those are my favorites :D