Monday, December 20, 2010

Cakes and Cookies

I have been pretty busy lately with the holidays quickly approaching. I just wanted to share some cakes and cookies that I have made recently. The first two cakes were for a joint surprise party. The family was throwing the father a party and wanted to surprise him with a cake, and the father wanted to surprise his daughter with a birthday cake at his party. For the daughter's cake, I made a shopping cake because that is what the daughter loves to do! I made a bag from Tiffany's, a Jimmy Choo shoe box, and I topped it with a purse with her initial on it. The cake flavors were vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, and pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing.

For the father's cake, the family wanted to represent something that he loved to do... paint! I decided to go a little over the top and make the cake fun and whimsical. I made three paint cans stacked precariously on top of each other, so it looked like the cans were falling over and spilling paint. Since, apparently, painters love white clean surfaces, I started there, and then had a lot of fun adding all the paint drips and splatters. My husband, Jason, made all of the paint brushes and rollers from gumpaste. (He is so talented, don't you think?) This cake was a lot of fun, and both father and daughter were very surprised by their cakes!

Then next cake was for a first birthday party, and the theme was a block party! A very cute idea for a little boy's first birthday. The client wanted individual cakes (blocks) for each party guest, and they wanted the blocks to spell out "Happy Birthday"! This was a very labor-intensive project, but in the end, I think it turned out wonderfully and looked very nice stacked on the cake table. All of the mini cakes were red velvet with cream cheese icing.

The last project was to help put my family in the mood for some early snow this year, and what better way than sugar cookies. Hope you enjoyed all of these fun desserts. Happy Holidays!

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jjsc91 said...

You make amazing cakes