Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mike McCarey Demo

So way back when in August I mentioned that I have went to some demos at the ICES convention. Well, I am finally going to share one of those demos with you. I went to Mike McCarey's (Mike's Amazing Cakes) sitting dog demo. In the demo he explained how to make the stand, and also showed pictures of how he built the dog. It was a great demo, and he shared some great tips. I took pictures along the way to share with all of you. The pictures were taken of a projection screen, but I think that the pictures are clear.

Here is the diagram of the stand that he used.

This is the portion of the stand were the cakes goes.

For the underbelly of the dog, he used a large piece of modeling chocolate, and secured it with some white chocolate.
Arms and legs were also made of modeling chocolate.

The head is a solid piece of modeling chocolate, but rice crispies could also be used.

The cake is crumb coated and covered in fondant. Mike suggests covering the cake in two pieces of fondant, and then smoothing out your seam. It will be easier to manage this way.
After the cake is covered in fondant, he airbrushed it with shades of yellows and browns.
To make eyes look realistic Mike suggested always adding a white dot in the eye where the light would reflect off of it.

Mike is truly an amazing artist, and one of the best at this craft. I only wished I possessed the skills that he had to make cakes look realistic. I hope you enjoyed this look at his demo. Don't forget if you are local to Harford County, Maryland, and are getting married please come see us at the Deer Creek Overlook Bridal Show this Sunday from 1-4pm.

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