Monday, October 24, 2011

Owen's Halloween First Birthday

I am very excited to share this party because it is my nephews first birthday party. My brother, and sister-in-law went with a Halloween theme since his birthday is so close to Halloween. Everyone at the party dressed up in costumes including the birthday boy! For the cake my brother wanted a stack of jack-o-lanterns to spell out "Happy Birthday Owen". If you have ever constructed a cake you know that this is no easy task, especially to make a cake hallow. However, we made it happen, and I was very happy, and excited with the outcome!

Here is the birthday boy checking out his cake before the party!
Here is the table all set-up for the party. We made sugar cookies and chocolate covered mummy pretzels for the dessert table.
Isn't he just the cutest! I love that scrunched up face!
We couldn't actually get any pictures of him smiling next to the cake.
Here are the sugar cookies we made for Owen. He loved the cookies, and ate two before the festivities even started.

I didn't actually manage get any pictures during the party, but I did manage to get the cake at the end of the night all lit up!
Happy Birthday Owen! I can't wait to make your cakes for many years to come. Stay tuned this week I will be showing how I made the hallow pumpkins for this cake.


Kate said...

That is one of the coolest Halloween cakes I have seen! Awesome job!

sweeteatscakes said...

Thanks Kate!

Georganne (LilaLoa) said...

Are you really, really serious??!! That really is a cake?? I've made cakes before....but I still can't fathom how in the world you would do that!!! W.O.W. WOW!!!!

SweetThingsTO said...

That is AWESOME!! lucky Owen!