Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to make fondant ribbon roses

So this past weekend I had a wedding cake and cupcake order that needed 100+ ribbon roses for all of the cupcakes. I thought I would give a little tutorial on how to make a ribbon rose from fondant (or gumpaste). Its so easy and the flowers are fun and whimsical.

First start out by rolling your fondant or gumpaste to your desired thickness. I try not to make mine to thin because I like the look of a thicker ribbon rose. The longer you roll your gumpaste the larger your flower will be.

Then I cut off my ends so that they are straight.

Next, flip your fondant over and add a thin line of water towards the top of the fondant.

Then fold the fondant over on one side so that you no longer have a sharp edge.

After, I have folded the edge over I add a little bit more water so that when I make the rose the fondant will stick together.

Cut off your excess fondant on the bottom. Try to work quickly through each step so that your fondant does not dry out.
Then grab one end of the fondant and start to wrap it in on itself. I try to pinch the fondant a little to give the rose a little more definition.

Keep going until you are satisfied with the size of your rose. Then I take a pair of scissors and snip off the underside of the rose. Then let the rose dry so that it does not loose its nice shape. After it is dry you can dust with color to add shimmer and steam to lock in color. Store in a cool dry place until you are ready to use.

Here is a video I made showing you how to make the rose. Please ignore the loud TV in the background. I didn't even realize it was on until I watched the video.
I hope this little tutorial will help you when making ribbon roses. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Stay tuned for photos of the cake and cupcakes.

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