Monday, August 27, 2012

Recent Wedding Cakes

I wanted to share some recent cakes with all of you. I am behind on blogging, but I am trying to catch up so without further ado here are some more recent cakes. The first wedding was Shannon and Matt's wedding at Top of the Bay in Aberdeen. Shannon wanted her wedding cake to be classic and elegant. She opted for an all ivory fondant cake with ivory sugar flowers and a bow that matched her dress.

Close-up of the sugar flowers.
Close-up of the bow! I think we matched the bow and beading perfectly to the bride's dress!
Shannon also ordered a surprise grooms cake for Seth. We decided on a Jet's hat. I made the board look like a football field for an added touch. We had to sneak this groom's cake inside since the groom didn't know about it. it was quite the challenge to make sure the groom didn't see it since he was hanging around while everything was being set-up. We managed to get it past him into the venue though with the help of the wait staff.
Here is the beautiful bride in her gorgeous dress!
 Next up, we had Lindsey and Matt's wedding at Swan Harbor. Lindsey was going with the popular chevron pattern and  yellow, gray, and turquoise for colors. We designed a gray cake with polka dot and chevron pattern and a big sunflower for a pop of color. Lindsey was having a friend make cupcakes to match the theme.
 Close-up of the sunflower.
Here is the complete set-up at the wedding. I think it turned out very nicely. I love the chevron and polka dot cupcake wrappers. I also love that she made a sign that specified when the dessert bar was open. I know from experience that everyone will try to sneak a cupcake beforehand without a sign :)
The bride incorporated her grandmother's cake topper. i love this vintage cake topper and think it was a great finishing touch to the cake!
That's it for now! 
Lastly, we have been entered in a contest as Best Cakes in Aberdeen Md. The contest runs until August 30th. Please go and vote for us. You can submit a vote everyday until the 30th.
Thanks again!

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