Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seth's Jake the Pirate 2nd Birthday

Janice and Marty's (good friends of ours) nephew was turning the big 2, and we were asked to make the cake. We were allowed to make anything we wanted as long as it was Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed. I wanted to do something over the top, and something we had never done before. I came up with the design of Jake holding up the treasure chest that was full of gold doubloons. We have never made a huge character holding up a cake before so, structurally this was going to be a challenge.

I went over the design with my husband Jason since he comes up with most of my support structures in my cakes. I also put the task of making Jake on him since I feel that he is better at figure modeling then I am. I think he did a fantastic job! It is really difficult to get characters (especially Disney) to look exact, but I think he nailed it. Of course I got to do the easy part of making the treasure chest and the gold to fill it.
The cake was huge. I think it was around 3ft tall when we had it all put together.

Here is the birthday boy ready for his Jake the Pirate party!

Cutting the cake!

I hope Seth had an awesome birthday! I love when we get to challenge ourselves with cakes. If anyone is interested I believe my husband took in progress pictures that I could share how we made Jake.

P.S. The last post was my 100th post yay! Hopefully I'll have 100 more.


Janice said...

That was really an awesome cake. Seth was amazed, as was everyone else. It was also delicious. Thanks again

sweeteatscakes said...

You are very welcome!

Jenniffer said...

WOW! That's an amazing cake! Very well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Great cake!!!!

Would love to see the step by steps..