Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Great American Cake Show Part 2

So as promised here is part two of The Great American Cake Show, the wedding cakes! The theme for this year was holidays. Each competitor had to choose a holiday, and make a cake to reflect that holiday. I really wished I had the time to have entered. I think I would have done Halloween (probably my favorite holiday), or maybe Thanksgiving (just to be different). So without further ado here are the awesome cakes! Enjoy!
 I love the paisley shaped tiers, and the Christmas balls on this cake are stunning!

 This cake was beautiful, and the attention to detail was great!
 The masks were amazingly realistic, I just had to get a closer look.


 I love this cake, it is just so cute, and funny.
My favorite holiday! The painting on this cake was remarkable, and I really love the effort they put into their table scape.

 This cake stands out to me for some reason, maybe it is the large ball on top, but I like it!
 This last cake is an Earth day cake, and it was breathtaking! I think that is the only way to describe the level of detail and time that went into this cake. The whole concept of the cake was incredible! I loved it!
 Look at all the details!
Well I hope you enjoyed a look at some of the cakes entered into this years competition. Hopefully, next year I will have the time to enter a cake. Check back this weekend, I will be posting a tutorial on an inexpensive, but beautiful and easy Mother's Day gift!

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