Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Idea and Tutorial

Since Mother's Day is quickly approaching I thought I would share what I am making the three favorite mothers in my life! This is a quick and inexpensive way to wow your mother on her big day!

First, I bought three cute little buckets from Target for $1, you can use any container that you would like; flowers pots and mugs work well also. I decided to customize the buckets with paintings for each of the women. Here is my set-up before I started painting.
 One down, two to go!
 All three buckets with different paintings for each mother.

Here is what you will need to make the cupcake bouquets. You will, of course, need cupcakes, the container to hold the cupcakes, rocks to weigh down the container, a styrofoam ball, toothpicks, and double sided tape. The size of the styrofoam ball depends on the size of the opening of the container. You want the ball to sit nicely inside, but you don't want to much or to little of the ball to show. I bought my styrofoam ball from Walmart for $3.
First, I tape the sides of the bucket with double sided tape to secure the ball a little bit. At this stage, don't forget to add your rocks, because the bouquets will be very top heavy when complete.

Then, just start in the back ( in case of gaping) and add you cupcakes in rows using three or four toothpicks for each cupcake. I found that one toothpick was not enough to hold the mini cupcakes in place. I imagine that regular size cupcakes would take even more toothpicks, but I like the mini cupcakes because you can place them closer together.

 Once you have you bouquet complete then you can add you leaves or vines or hide the gaps between the cupcakes.

 Here are the three finished bouquets for the special mothers in my life! I think that they turned out great, and once all of the cupcakes are eaten they can reuse the buckets!

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, and I hope that you will go and make cupcake bouquets for all the special women in your life! Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there!

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