Monday, July 18, 2011

Can You Spot the Difference?

Have you ever played thise games where there are two pictures side-by-side, and there are small differences between the two? Well this post is sort of like that. The picture on the left was taken of the finished cake before delivery. The picture on the right was taken at the clients house after the cake was set-up. Can you see the differences? Well hopefully the differences are subtle and hard to notice.   

Sometimes deliveries do not always go as planned and smooth rides almost never happen. In reality deliveries can be pretty stressful especially with a fragile cake in the back. During this particular delivery we had to hit the brakes rather hard, and the tiers slide into the side of the box, that was meant to keep them safe. I had to do some patchwork on the cake to hide the damage. In the end though the cake looked beautiful, and the client never noticed (unless she reads this blog).

Here is the close-up of the cake stacked before delivery.

Finally, here are the changes that need to be made to the cake. See the difference?
Well this gives you a little insight into the how the cake gets from us to you. It does not always go as planned, but we must learn to role with the punches and deliver what was promised.

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Linda said...

Either way, it's a great cake. I thought maybe you had turned the center tier. Really, even seeing the pics together, just because the final version is a bit different, it certainly doesn't look damaged in any way!