Thursday, July 7, 2011

Game of Life

So, I have been seriously slacking on my blogging this week, but I hope everyone had a wonderful relaxing holiday weekend. I wanted to share with all of you a fun cake I made for someone having a milestone birthday.

Tom was turning sixty and was having a party to celebrate and wanted a fabulous cake as well. Tom had no idea what theme he wanted for the cake, but gave me some details about his life, and what he had accomplished thus far. I must say when someone has no idea what they want for the cake it can be very challenging coming up with a design to suit that person. for some reason the Game of Life came into my mind, so I decided to run with that for the theme. Tom gave me some important milestones in his life, and picked up a game board, and the cake was born.  

I hand painted all of the scenes from the game directly onto the cake. Then I laid out the game tiles around the board adding all the details from Tom's life.

I think the spinner turned out great, and it actually spun!

I added some fun cards and saying from the real game as well.
In the end, I was really happy with how the cake came out, I think it was unique, and captured Tom's sixty year very well. I hope you enjoyed this cake! Stay tuned for next weekend because I am working on a cake with some beautiful sugar tiles!


Maxine said...

OH MY GOODNESS - that is absolutely fabulous
What a work of art...
I just sit here staring at all you have incorporated.



sophie@birthdayideas said...

Wow, how clever!

Would it be too rude to plug my cake contest here?

Kindest regards


patti said...

may i ask how you did the spinner, i want to make a cake like this for my sons graduation party, but not sure how to do the spinner.

sweeteatscakes said...

I will try to explain how I made the spinner the best I can. I made the top portion out of gumpaste and on the bottom I inserted a dowel rod up into the spinner to make a hole. Once the spinner was dry and painted I inserted a dowel into the cake that stuck out from the top of the cake. I then placed the spinner on top of the dowel. Since the spinner already had a hole in it and the dowel was above the cake it allowed me to spin it. HTH Thanks!