Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pool Parties and Cookies!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of making a cake for a woman that was turning 70! It was a surprise pool party at a friends house and the daughter gave me free reign of the design. I immediately thought that I wanted to do sugar tiles because I love the way they look and are a different element to add to a cake. I was stuck however, I didn't know what design to put on the tiers to match the modern look of the sugar tiles. I was inspired by a cake I saw online that looked like ocean waves with bubbles, which was perfect for my theme.

I designed a three tiered cake with sugar tile separators in between the tiers. I think the cake turned out wonderfully and matched the pool party theme. The flavors were vanilla cake with chocolate ganache, and banana cheesecake filling with peanut butter buttercream. YUM! 

The sugar tiles were a bit difficult to work with in the humid Maryland summer, but they turned out great!

Also, this week I made sugar cookies to match the Willow House logo. if you have never seen WH products you must go check them out. They have great stuff for the home and garden. I love their stuff!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and trying to stay cool!


Maxine said...

Wow - the sugar tiles look brillante - love the colour of everything on the cake.

What do you make the usgar tiles out of.
I think they have agloss to them - or might that be just the light reflecting off them.

Either way - they look excellant


sweeteatscakes said...

Thanks Maxine,
The sugar tiles are made out of isomalt a sugar substitute. The reason they have a high gloss to them is because I hit them with a creme brulee torch to take away surface bubbles and give that shine. Depending on what kind of molds you use for sugar the sugar will pick up that same finish (ie. a matte finish) so by torching it gave it that high gloss finish.