Thursday, August 11, 2011

ICES Cake Convention

So, this past week I had the pleasure of attending my first ICES convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. As far as the convention goes I had mixed reviews. On one hand I really enjoyed the demos, vendor room, and cake room, however I thought that the breakfast and gala dinner were less than thrilling. I am not sure if I will go back next year, because I don't think that ICES is set-up to attract the younger crowd. This is just my option from going to this convention for the first time.

Anyway, on to why everyone is here....the cakes! As always I went around and took pictures of all the cakes that caught my eye. The first cake was a large display cake that volunteers made to represent NC. The cake had all things that came from, or started in North and South Carolina. It was defiantly a show stopper.

I love this guy!

So much detail!
This display defiantly stood out to me. The details are unreal and amazingly done!

Super cute!


Well I hope that you enjoyed a look at some of the talent that came to ICES this year. I hope that everyone who went had a good time, and got to buy lots of goodies to take home. Stay tuned for more cakes to come!

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