Monday, August 22, 2011

Seashell Cookie Tutorial

I wanted to share with everyone how I made my seashell cookies for the Hawaiian bridal shower. These cookies are very easy to make, and have a great look. First of all you want to bake your cookies, and let them cool. I use this recipe for my sugar cookies. It works great everytime and I have very little spreading while I bake, plus it tasts good! Then decide what color you want your seashells to be. I chose white and pink, but you could choose whatever you like.

First, outline your cookie with your chosen color.

Then quickly fill in the rest of your cookie with the same color. Don't over fill! I am not a outline person but, if you want you could let you outlined cookie dry and then start to fill.

After I finish filling the cookie I give it a little shake to make sure the cookie is completely filled in, and there are no air bubbles.
Then immediately add your accent color in long lines. You want to use the wet on wet icing technique so the cookies come out properly.

After adding your lines take a toothpick and drag downward through all of the lines. To create the scalloped effect on the cookie.

The let the cookie dry, and enjoy! (Sorry about the bad lighting).
Here are the cookies set-up at the party!

Hope you enjoyed this little demo on how to make seashell cookies! ENJOY!


Janice said...

They cookies were sooo yummy!

Jenniffer said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say that your cookies and cakes are beautiful! You are very talented!!

sweeteatscakes said...

Thanks Janice!
Jennifer thanks so much for your nice comment!