Monday, August 8, 2011

Rose Separator Wedding Cake

So, I am finally back from the ICES convention, and I have a ton to share with all of you. I should be back to blogging regularly now. Before getting to the convention I wanted to share the cake that I brought with me to display. I have been wanting to do this cake for some time now and thought this convention would be the perfect place to debut it. I think is is a good combo of modern and classic. I love the way the lace on the cake turned out, and think the piped separator roses look beautiful.
I piped over the flower mold to give the lace more of a 3-D look.
I love this cluster of pearls. I wanted to do this around the whole tier but ran out of time. I think it would have been really stunning around the entire tier, or you could use it as a border.
Close-up of the bottom tier lace. I love how it turned out, and think the piping really brought it to life.
I am happy to report that this cake made it all the way to the convention in Charlotte, NC, however we had to leave it there because it would not fit in our car on the way back (maybe because of all the things I bought). I have a lot to share with all of you coming up including the cake room, demos, and all of my haul, so stay tuned for more great stuff. 


Maxine said...

Oh, such a beautiful cake - and yes, i do love the cluster of pearls... i think it gives an elegance to that tier.
Did you make the pearls and then dust them in luster dust?

Again - i think it a gorgeous cake -

Good grief, how much did you buy seeing as you had to Leave the cake behind - lollll


sweeteatscakes said...

Thanks Maxine!
Yes, I made the pearls let them dry a bit then dusted them and placed them on the cake with royal icing.

Yes, I bought quite a bit of stuff lol that hopefully I will share with everyone. I got some really good deals, but the real reason I left the cake behind was because I couldn't pick it up until 5pm and we wanted to get on the road before then so the cake got left behind. :( Oh well!