Friday, January 21, 2011

Cakes for Little Girls

I wanted to share some cakes I have done recently in the past month. I noticed that a lot of them have been for little girl's parties. I love making cakes for girls because there are so many fun, different themes you can go with. Plus, girls seem to give a more enthusiastic reaction, when they see their cake, than most boys (Not always, but mostly).

So, first up was a cake for a baby shower. The theme was a tea party, which I thought was a very creative and fun theme. I was told the colors were pink, raspberry, and lime green, but other than that, I have free range on what to do. The entire teapot was vanilla cake with the spout and handle made of gumpaste. The teacups were made from gumpaste using real teacups as a form. I think the teacups are my favorite part! I also added a rattle and pacifier to tie in the baby shower theme. The cake fit beautifully in the party setting, and it looked like the party was going to be a lot of fun for all involved.

The next cake for a princess-themed party. The dad wanted a cake with a princess crown sitting on a pillow. He also wanted the cake to be pink because that was the birthday girl's favorite color. I think any princess would have loved this cake at her party!

The next cake was a bit of a challenge because of the size the head needed to be in order to match the Hello Kitty character. I think that the cake turned out great, in the end, and is perfect for a girl's birthday!

The next cake was a fun baby shower cake that matched the crib bedding. Simple and sweet!

Lastly, I had to include my niece's Strawberry Shortcake cake. I love the fun and whimsical elements of this cake. My husband made the Strawberry Shortcake character, and I think he nailed it! For instructions on how to construct this cake, check out my topsy turvy stand tutorial.

I hope you all enjoyed! Leave me a comment, and let me know which one is your favorite! 


Anonymous said...

I love them all....Don't think I could ever make any of them....I wish I had that touch but I don't....You do really nice work...

sweeteatscakes said...

Thank you so much!