Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bridal Show

I wanted to share our first ever bridal show with all of you. We (my husband and myself) had a blast meeting all of the brides and the vendors. The bridal show was held at the gorgeous Inn at Roops Mill and hosted by Kimberly Brooke Photography.

Below is the space that we set-up for the show and I think it looked pretty good for our first time. My wonderful brother-in-law made the wooden pedestals to display my cakes. My lovely husband cut and placed the vinyl to display our name on the pedestals, and we printed pictures to hang on the sides to complete the look. I think they looked fabulous! My husband, also came through on the awesome sign that he had made at his work! Lastly, I want to thank my wonderful Aunt for sewing all of the table linens for me! It is good to know people! I hope you enjoy!

Close-up of a slice of cake cut from the wedding cake!

I really loved the way the display turned out!

Here is some action from the show!
We had a great time meeting with everyone!

Hope everyone had a good time at the show! I want to thank all of the brides that stopped by to meet us and, also special thanks to Kimberly Brooke Photography, and the Unveiled Bridal Show!


Maxine said...

WOW a very inpressive display - well done.
Love how you had such varied cake designs, plus having the Glass jars filled with sweets showed another aspect as to *table set up*. Looks like there was a lot of interest - and a a very busy day. Congrayulations on your first Bridal Show -



sweeteatscakes said...

Thank you! Yes, I think that the day went well and was a good introduction to the bridal show world!