Thursday, April 21, 2011

Romantic and Modern Wedding Cakes

I wanted to share some wedding cakes with all of you that we have done recently. First, is a cake that was inspired by a dress that I saw online. I love all of the pleating and draping on this cake; I think it has a very romantic feel to it. I used the color ivory, champagne, and pink, so that the cake was soft and subtle, then I let the cakes design be bold and beautiful. I like to use a corset tier on cakes, because I think it gives a dramtic look and feel to a cake. Overall I am very happy with how this design came together. The pictures were taken by the very talented Lisa Ceron, who also took the photos from this shoot. 
All of the brooches and gems are made from sugar and cast into molds.
This has to be my favorite tier! I love the billowing effect, even though it takes a long time to achieve on a cake.

Next, is a very modern and bold cake, that I just love. I dare say that this might be one of my favortie cakes, because of its simplicity. I love how the flowers pop off the cake, and I love the simple modern design on each tier. The flowers for this cake were done with no particular flower in mind, they do resemble the ranuculus, but I like to call them cabbage roses. I did not place a topper on this cake, so that the bride and groom could place their own topper on it. Enjoy!
Isn't the color fantastic? Love it!

Well I hope you enjoyed these two wedding cakes! Thanks for stopping by, and please let us know what you think of them by leaving a comment. 


Maxine said...

And yes, as you say about the first one - it really does look like soft flowing fabric
The second one - the colour of the flowers are just beautiful - so deep - so royal -


sweeteatscakes said...

Thank you Maxine for your nice comment!

Cupcations said...

The first cake is STUNNING!! So elegant & chic. The second cake is also amazing the flowers are beautiful...Its simply perfect!

sweeteatscakes said...

Thank you so much!